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Love your city!

Even if you feel like there is nothing in your city, get out and just try to see the beauty.

I love going out and just finding unique views to capture that feel of OKC.

Here are a few shots I got during a late night stroll.
Everywhere from Scissortail Bridge, Bricktown to Deep Deuce OKC. Enjoy!





[Camera Settings]
[fstop 8-12]
[ISO 100]
[8-10 sec]

My first roll of film


OKC Streets Series, 2016.
These are the photos that made the display we had up at Next Door Studios in November.

[Including the photos that didn’t make the gallery display]

This was my very first run at film photography! Walking through Brick town in Oklahoma City I saw the image I wanted, composed the shot, set the f-stop, and prayed I exposed correctly! And I loved every second of it, from taking the image to sending it off to get developed. Waiting the two weeks to get back the images, I am accustomed to seeing the second I take, made me appreciate the time I took to take the pictures. I shot two rolls of  Kodak Professional Tri-X 400 B&W Negative film on my Pentax k1000.