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Love your city!

Even if you feel like there is nothing in your city, get out and just try to see the beauty.

I love going out and just finding unique views to capture that feel of OKC.

Here are a few shots I got during a late night stroll.
Everywhere from Scissortail Bridge, Bricktown to Deep Deuce OKC. Enjoy!





[Camera Settings]
[fstop 8-12]
[ISO 100]
[8-10 sec]

My first roll of film


OKC Streets Series, 2016.
These are the photos that made the display we had up at Next Door Studios in November.

[Including the photos that didn’t make the gallery display]

This was my very first run at film photography! Walking through Brick town in Oklahoma City I saw the image I wanted, composed the shot, set the f-stop, and prayed I exposed correctly! And I loved every second of it, from taking the image to sending it off to get developed. Waiting the two weeks to get back the images, I am accustomed to seeing the second I take, made me appreciate the time I took to take the pictures. I shot two rolls of  Kodak Professional Tri-X 400 B&W Negative film on my Pentax k1000.


You dig?

Grab your shovels! Grab your Shades!
And grab your friends to head to the Salt Plains!

The Salt Plains Selenite Crystal Dig Area
Located right outside Cherokee off HWY 64, this National Wildlife Refuge has so much to offer right here in Oklahoma!
If you’re looking to get out of the city and into nature, here is your ticket.


Strap on your hiking boots and explore the various terrain trails offered or sit comfortably in your car and take the auto trail! The auto trail
winds through marshes, and hills that are home to the wild bird population. Ending by setting you on the way to (our favorite part) the crystal digging area!

famLet me start my crystal digging tips by saying this, don’t forget the towels!
Not only did I forget probably the most important thing. I also should of brought an actual shovel
Along with a change of shoes!
Since I’ve covered (first hand) all the what NOT to do’s. Let’s talk about what to do!

Things to bring:

  • Shovels- The bigger the shovel, the deep the hole! The deeper the hole, the bigger the gems!
  • Hats & Sunglasses- The sun is constant and the wind is high. You’ll love yourself for this!
  • Towels- DON’T FORGET THE TOWELS! I suggest packing a few!
  • Water Bottles- Not only to stay hydrated but to wash your hands off after digging. There is no amenities.
  • Buckets- You’ll need something to carry all those crystals!
  • Change of clothes- This was another item I didn’t think to bring, you’ll want to.

Alright, bags are packed! Time for those TIPS!
They have multiple digging sites, however one site is open to dig. Each year they open a new dig site to the public to allow time for the crystals to form.
The season beings April 1st and last through October 15.  You are permitted to collect up to TEN POUNDS of crystals, plus one large cluster for personal use.
I must remind you, under penalty of law you can not resell your collected crystals. But why would you wanna do that?!
Another great note to take, make sure to wash your car afterwards. 

How it’s done:

  1. Use a shovel to dig a hole about two feet deep and two feet across until you reach wet sand. You may feel the shovel break through the crystals as it goes down. This cannot be helped as there is no way of predicting exactly where a bed of crystals is located.
  2. Allow two or three inches of water to seep in from the bottom.
  3. Use your hand or a container to splash water gently against the sides of the hole. The agitated water will wash the soil away from the crystals.
  4. When you find a crystal formation, continue splashing to wash it free of the supporting sand and clay.
  5. At this stage of the process, the newly exposed crystals are wet and fragile so use great care removing them.
  6. After removing crystals from sand, place them where the sun and wind will dry them. Egg cartons or other containers are recommended for transporting the crystals.


We only dug for about 3 hours and since I have two kids under the age of 6, we couldn’t dig one hole for too long.
All in all, we dug about four holes and got a jar full of crystals the size in the picture below. They have the option of renting cabins in the park.
Unfortunately none were available during our trip or we would of dug for them big cluster!
Guess we will just have to go back!

↓For more information check out their site↓
Plan your trip here!

»Check out my video here«

Happy Travels!