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Cheers, Let’s take a look back!

Happy New Year!

Goodbye 2017, see ya never..Hello 2018 you’ve never looked better!
Don’t get me wrong this past year has had its accomplishments.

I have so many things to be thankful for lets take a look back at my year through blog posts and photo shoots!


The Highlights of 2017:

  1. I landed my very first exhibit & sold pieces! [See the show here]
  2. I bought a brand new Jeep by myself!
  3. I curated my first exhibit! [Check out that process here] 
  4. I became a studio mate at Next Door Studios! [Give us a like here]
  5. Shot and showed my first film series downtown OKC. [See the series here] 
  6. I photographed & Witnessed my brother and best friend get married in Colorado. [You’ll wanna see this]

Oh, the places I traveled:

  1. Kansas City, MO
  2. St. Louis, MO
  3. Denver, CO
  4. Colorado Springs, CO
  5. Trinidad, CO
  6. Angel Fire, NM
  7. Tulsa, OK

Lets take a look at some of my memories & favorite photos. Some I created with intent, some have memories behind them and others are just simply beautiful.



Wishing everyone a happy New Year!


Baby Jenna

I had the pleasure of taking sweet baby Jenna’s first pictures.  (My new baby cousin)
She is such a cutie and that’s not just because she’s apart of my family, Just look at her!
Born June 1, 2017 at 7:21 am. Weighing 6 lbs 7 oz, 19.5 inches long.
Little Jenna finally arrived after her parents played an over due waiting game 16 years in the making.
Welcome to the fam, Jenna!







Shot Indoors 
ISO 100-1200 
f/ 1.8-2.8 

Journey Toward An Open Mind

Creating a photograph,a representation, of yourself has never been so free!

What would you create when given the resources to make a piece of art for yourself, to show the world who you are?
Using mixed media to represent Photoshop, gave each student a hands on experience to create exactly what they envisioned.  I took each students photograph with their idea of what they wanted to create and then printed them off in various sizes to give even more freedom when collating them with their magazine cut outs, scrap paper,ect.

We were given three days to create, Here are a few images during the process from start to finish.



Framed and ready for the show!

Their portraits where on display at Fred Jones Jr. Museum at Oklahoma University in Norman, Oklahoma for the public to view.



Mission Academy Self Portrait Program

Self expression is a subject I could talk about until the end of time.

Expressing yourself is never limited to one outlet, a few examples of artistic outlets are music, painting, or my choice, photography.

Using mixed media in this program allows each teen to find pictures they identify with to express themselves in a different view outside the camera. We will be using magazines to find pictures they can relate to or just like and collating them with their self-portrait. The possibilities are endless and that is what makes this so exciting!

No rules, no expectations and best of all imagination is encouraged to run WILD!

I have created a few of my own mixed media self portraits to show just one way to use this form of expression. I am elated to show off what each teen creates and help them come up with something they can completely relate to and be proud of. Make sure you check out all of their work, as it will be shown at Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art in Norman later next month!

I hope you all enjoy these portraits as much as I do! I will have a short video up after this exhibit is done to show my process in creating my portraits aiming to inspire everyone to try creating their own.



PHOTO/SYNTHESIS Outreach Exhibit

“Create something that means something”


I am overjoyed with what all this new year entails! One of my new adventures is…

I am serving as the artist in residence for the Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art outreach initiative in conjunction with the PHOTO/SYNTHESIS exhibition, created by teens attending Mission Academy High School.

By giving each student full control of their self-portrait I hope the experience brings a sense of identity and self love by seeing each of their works framed and on display. There is not an opening date for the exhibit yet, but don’t you worry, you’ll be hearing about it!
Until then check out the PHOTO/SYNTHESIS exhibit we are coinciding with, the opening reception is Jan. 26th!

Personal growth is a deep journey that everyone experiences differently one thing we all have the ability to connect through is  art! Taking a self portrait is more than just smiling & making sure you didn’t blink. Using self identification activities, each students thinking process will vary along with each portrait. Creating a self portrait with no limits, no rules, no expectation will bring openness to each mind, ultimately ending with each students portrait capturing a different view of self expression. I will upload a few pictures of this project coming together throughout the weeks I will be working with the students, along with my self-portrait I will be doing along side the students.

I am humbled by this opportunity and couldn’t be more ready to bring photography to  young minds and get to know everyone I’ll be working with along the way!

Cheers to the New Year!

The Young One

My photography journey started for me at the age of 16. I was new to a small town and was just given my first DSLR  camera. I aspired to learn any and all kinds of photography, I just wanted to shoot. Some of my favorite pieces of work are in this series, partly because I knew I got lucky with timing and partly because that’s exactly why I love freelance photography. My first favorite is the dodge ram pickup, it was a spur of the moment shot. I went out on a whim and walked into a farmers filed, and behind his barn sat this old truck.  With just enough character I knew my wondering had paid off. My second favorite is the owl silhouette on the fence. It was once again another spur of the moment shot, I knew if I wanted to get the photo I had to act quick. Spotting those moments in time is what drew me to photography and is what keeps me inspired to this day. Enjoy this small photo series I put together for you to see a small part of my  journey into photography!




















Studio Time

I am excited to say I am now apart of a studio!


A place to show my art, meet and work with other talented artists!
Where at?

Next Door Studios
Current Studio


I’d take advantage of that link to their site, it’s worth it!
They are giving so much to the community and local artist.

I am extremely excited to be apart of this studio & take
part in all the amazing events they hold.

With this new adventure, comes new inspiration!
I will be starting my first year long series. More info on that later!

Check out the latest pieces to my Reflection series right here
on my site & on my facebook page.

Be sure to see their full glory hanging up at Next Door Studios!
Because everything is appreciated more in person. You
can view by appointment or during Current Thursdays!



New Heights

Everyone has a journey

learning many different things while traveling through the process of growth.
At this time of my life I’ve turned toward my creative outlet of photography to manage and process feelings along with struggles.
And honestly, with that I’ve learned more about myself than my photography.
But that is all for another time, this post is about my new adventure!
I have grown my passion for photography and finally found what I want to be, do, create, ect. I want to make art for MYSELF. That’s right, NEW heights!
I have always had a camera or camcorder by my side. I always made videos, and took pictures for myself.
And with that it became the only thing I LOVED doing.
Out of school and into the “real world” I noticed fast working for someone wasn’t for me.
I wanted to create and show everyone how I viewed the world around us.
All of that got lost, buried, and forgotten. I started getting approached to take portraits of friends and family for some extra cash
or simply because I love making and sharing memories for people.
Years are passing, I’m not feeling fulfilled. I think, I need a new camera. I’m scrolling sites comparing cameras thinking,
Okay so I get a new camera then what?
There I was again at that feeling.
I don’t want to tell a family to stand together and smile, or that the senior looks great in all their pictures.
(Not that there is no fun or creativity in those fields of photography)
I want to tell all the stories in my head through one single image. I want to create art. Art that inspires, impacts, and helps people.

So with that I have decided to create my first series titled,The Dreamer. 


This path will be filled with struggles along with reward.
I can’t wait to share my art and passion with the world
best of all inspire!


Love EMMarie

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We took on downtown OKC yesterday, I mean, what better way to spend a day that only comes around every four years?
After a stroll down Bricktown we found a parking garage to stop and set up at!


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Love EMMarie
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OKC, Baby

Ooooh, Oklahoma! The state where there is one city. “Headed to the city” I swear it should be a catchphrase.
Other than Oklahoma lacking in the big city department, it has it’s beauty. One place is downtown OKC!