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Cheers, Let’s take a look back!

Happy New Year!

Goodbye 2017, see ya never..Hello 2018 you’ve never looked better!
Don’t get me wrong this past year has had its accomplishments.

I have so many things to be thankful for lets take a look back at my year through blog posts and photo shoots!


The Highlights of 2017:

  1. I landed my very first exhibit & sold pieces! [See the show here]
  2. I bought a brand new Jeep by myself!
  3. I curated my first exhibit! [Check out that process here] 
  4. I became a studio mate at Next Door Studios! [Give us a like here]
  5. Shot and showed my first film series downtown OKC. [See the series here] 
  6. I photographed & Witnessed my brother and best friend get married in Colorado. [You’ll wanna see this]

Oh, the places I traveled:

  1. Kansas City, MO
  2. St. Louis, MO
  3. Denver, CO
  4. Colorado Springs, CO
  5. Trinidad, CO
  6. Angel Fire, NM
  7. Tulsa, OK

Lets take a look at some of my memories & favorite photos. Some I created with intent, some have memories behind them and others are just simply beautiful.



Wishing everyone a happy New Year!


Tis the Season!

It’s that time again.. Printing Season!

Fill your walls with Local art not mass produced art!

I print upon request! Tell me what picture & size you’d like and you’ll have it by the holiday seasons!

Remember: I will print any images off my website, Please feel free to ask for anything you find perfect for you! 

Contact me here
I deliver lasting quality images, images will be delivered within 3-4 weeks after purchase.


Eloquent Exhibit

Curated by Heart Studios

Eloquent Exhibit was held at Studio Twelve in OKC.
They featured 18 local emerging artist & let me tell ya you missed out if you didn’t make it!
But in case you did, take a look at a few photos I got from the night & a few of the artists I met!
There is also a gallery of some pieces I had in the show!

And as always I print upon request framed or loose prints.



Thank you to all who came and enjoyed the night & thank you to our host and studio for featuring all our art!


Baby Jenna

I had the pleasure of taking sweet baby Jenna’s first pictures.  (My new baby cousin)
She is such a cutie and that’s not just because she’s apart of my family, Just look at her!
Born June 1, 2017 at 7:21 am. Weighing 6 lbs 7 oz, 19.5 inches long.
Little Jenna finally arrived after her parents played an over due waiting game 16 years in the making.
Welcome to the fam, Jenna!







Shot Indoors 
ISO 100-1200 
f/ 1.8-2.8